Schwartz Media to partner with MIFF

The Monthly and The Saturday Paper to become media partners of the Melbourne International Film Festival.

Schwartz Media – publisher of The Monthly and The Saturday Paper – is proud to announce that they will for the first time become a media partner of the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2017. Schwartz Media will be providing print publishing services as well as project managing the redesign of the festival’s print program guide.

Rebecca Costello, CEO, Schwartz Media: We’re incredibly proud to have come on board as a media partner for the 2017 Melbourne International Film Festival. Over the years, even just as festival-goers, we’ve always admired MIFF’s commitment to providing the highest quality experiences for their audiences. But the “MIFF experience” has always been about much more than just putting incredible films on Australian screens, it’s been about connecting people with film and cinema in a pleasurable, engaging and, ultimately, satisfying way. We see a lot of the same qualities in our approach to journalism and publishing and believe that, as partners, we have an obligation to not only meet these high standards but to exceed them and bring something completely new to the festival.

Michelle Carey, Artistic Director, MIFF: Every year the release of the MIFF print guide is a highly anticipated event for Melbourne’s cinephiles and culture vultures. We are very pleased to partner with Schwartz Media and have enjoyed a fantastic experience working with the editorial and design team on creating a brand new guide. No coffee table should be without one this July! 

As a media partner, Schwartz Media will also guide the production of the 2017 program. Bringing a fresh perspective and a range of expertise to the project, Schwartz Media aims to deliver a print program that reflects the quality of the festival while effectively communicating the depth and breadth of the films on offer. By refreshing the editorial, design and production standards of the MIFF 2017 print guide, MIFF and Schwartz Media will deliver an exciting publication that is both a pleasurable and functional experience for festival-goers.

The MIFF print guide will be inserted into The Saturday Paper and The Saturday Age on 15 July, with an additional street distribution of 50,000 copies.

For enquiries or comment, contact:

Rebecca Costello | CEO
Phone +61 3 9486 0288
[email protected]