Full Page     374mm (h) x  260mm (w)

Full Page

 374mm (h) x 260mm (w)

  Double Page Spread   374mm (h) x 540mm (w)

Double Page Spread

374mm (h) x 540mm (w)

  Half Page    184mm (h) x  260mm (w)

Half Page

184mm (h) x 260mm (w)

  Quarter Page    92mm (h) x  260mm (w)

Quarter Page

92mm (h) x 260mm (w)

  Mini Strip    45mm (h) x  260mm (w)

Mini Strip

45mm (h) x 260mm (w)


  • Supplied material must be Press Ready PDFs.
  • All PDFs must be CMYK with no bleed and no trim marks. 
  • No alterations will be made to supplied PDFs and, if required, new creative material will need to be supplied. 
  • All fonts must be embedded into PDFs.

CMYK Setup

  • Resolution - 300 DPI
  • Maximum Ink Weight - 230% 
  • Dot Gain - 30% 

All advertisers should use the .icc profile to apply to their artwork before uploading to Adsend/Quickcut.


  • Print material must be delivered via Quick Cut or Adsend.
  • Please deliver creative material with booking reference.
  • All digital material can be sent directly to Rachel Liew, Advertising Coordinator, on

Adstream/Adsend Details

  • Publisher: Schwartz Media
  • Publication: The Saturday Paper
  • Location: Main
  • Booking Reference: Provided Upon Booking


Ad Unit Dimensions File Type Max File Size Lead Time
Full Page 768px (w) x 1024 (h) gif, jpeg, html5 200kb 3 Days


Ad Unit Dimensions File Type Max File Size Lead Time
Billboard 970px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg, html5, third party 100kb 3 Days
Half Page 300px (w) x 600px (h) gif, jpeg, html5, third party 60kb 3 Days
Leaderboard 728px (w) x 90px (h) gif, jpeg, html5, third party 40kb 3 Days
Mobile Banner 320px (w) x 50px (h) gif, jpeg 15kb 3 Days
MREC 300px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg 40kb 3 Days

General rules:

  • We do not accept Adobe Flash creatives
  • Please provide HTML5 code package instead of Adobe Flash creatives - for more information see HTML5 guide below
  • Advertising creative material must not contain flashing / strobing effects and rapid image sequences
  • Animated ads can loop twice


Ad Unit Dimensions File Type Max File Size Lead Time
MREC 300px (w) x 250px (h) gif, jpeg 40kb 3 Days
Sponsorship banner 300px (w) x 50px (h) jpeg 40kb 3 Days

Additional requirements:

  • Sponsorship banners are required to have a solid background and contain the copy: "Brought to you by [Advertiser]"


  • Each individual creative need to be it's own zip file
  • All files need to be in the root folder, no sub-folder allowed
  • Must follow W3C standards, and your HTML file should have<!DOCTYPE html>, <html> and <body> tags
  • Declare the clickTag variable in your HTML file, e.g. <script type="text/javascript">var clickTag = ""; </script>
  • Use this clickTag variable as your click through URL, e.g. <a href=""></a> OR <div id="clickArea" style="width: 300px; height: 250px" onclick=" ,'_blank');">
  • Put meta data in your <head> session, e.g. <meta name="ad.size" content="width=300,height=250">
  • No cross-domain scripting allowed
  • No local storage or session storage libraries allowed
  • Must be SSL compliant