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The Monthly September issue 2021


Waleed Aly reflects on the impact of the pandemic on our politics, and its sidelining of every other issue and conversation. John Quiggin investigates why the federal government can no longer deliver basic public programs such as quarantine and the vaccine rollout. And author Jock Serong profiles the 86-year-old nun who’s supporting asylum seekers and children seeking climate-change justice in court.

We explore the use of MDMA in mental health therapy, the bold attempt to bring the endangered Tasmanian devil to the mainland, and the fascinating mysteries of orchids.

And in Arts & Letters, Bri Lee considers The Right to Sex by Amia Srinivasan, and our critics review Sally Rooney’s and Colson Whitehead’s new novels, Steven Soderbergh’s crime thriller No Sudden Move, plus much more.