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The Monthly October issue 2021


The fall of Kabul signalled not just the sorry end of the US-lead war in Afghanistan but also the ultimate failure of the War on Terror. In the upcoming issue, Hugh White looks back over 20 destructive years of Western incursions in the Middle East, and their global ramifications. Also, Margaret Simons explores Australia’s road out of the pandemic, and whether vaccine passports or mandates will be required to get us there. Julian Meyrick surveys the destruction of fine arts courses across the country. And internationally acclaimed physicist Paul Davies asks: Are we alone in the universe?

We publish Helen Garner’s 2021 lockdown diaries, preview Justin Kurzel’s controversial feature film Nitram (about the Port Arthur massacre), explore the fabled history of the Heide Museum of Modern Art on its 40th anniversary, review new books, plus much more.