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The Monthly July issue 2023


At the heart of the July issue of The Monthly is two major essays on the voice to parliament. Patrick Dodson, the Grandfather of Reconciliation, shares his account of a life’s work fighting for recognition and justice leading up to the referendum later this year. It’s a singular, powerful treatise on why the nation needs to vote “Yes” to move forward. And Richard Flanagan, one of our finest novelists, explores why the symbolism of the vote – often cited as a sign of its inconsequential nature – is vitally important for being able to tell authentic, meaningful stories about who we are as a country. The pair of essays make this edition of the magazine essential reading.

And elsewhere in its pages the other big issues of the moment are explored with consideration and imagination: Nick Feik looks at the lawyers fighting to strengthen protections for whistleblowers; Rachel Withers asks whether the teals – one year into their terms – might be uniquely placed for conversations around cost of living; Richard Denniss takes aim at the RBA’s Philip Lowe; John Safran shares his some life-changing advice; and more.

Plus cultural criticism, from Dark Mofo to Anna Funder, and Winter Masterpieces to the new film adaptation of Carmen.